Lo Palauet de la Muralla

What mainly defines us is the Hotel, Suites and Breakfast concept. All the rooms of this palatial hotel retain the original period furniture and are equipped to provide the necessary comfort without sacrificing the charm of a unique place.

A stay at Lo Palauet allows you to spend a few hours in a unique and emotional relic, in illo tempore, inhabiting a "brocanter" universe, not industrialized, which reserves to the traveler discoveries on the outside and who knows if also inside.

is living here an adventure?

of course! Living in a palace hotel is also a cultural experience. At any time of the year there is much to enjoy at Lo Palauet. It is therefore convenient to take advantage of the library, terrace, wine cellar, lounges and works of art. All this makes the stay a way to recreate the aesthetics and decorative heritage

what period is it from?

The patriarch of the family, convinced of protecting the memory and, depending on how you look at it, also the nostalgia, has meticulously preserved a building that is located in the old Jewish quarter of Balaguer, the construction of which dates back to 1333. Its restoration keeps alive an aura of distinction.

Comfortable rooms with a lot of history

Inés de Rocaspana

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Library Suite

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Via Làctia Suite

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Let's move on to the Library...

Ah, the library is undoubtedly one of the jewels of Lo Palauet and proof that elegance and style necessarily go hand in hand with well-being. This space is a place of intimacy and, from the moment you step into it, it transmits immediate fascination

more than 1,000 volumes!

There are different ways to enjoy books. One of them is to look at them. Most of the more than a thousand volumes in the library of this palatial hotel are religious in theme. The oldest date back to the Middle Ages. After being miraculously saved during the Civil War, the collection was acquired from the convent of San Doménec de Balaguer, although its origin is in the monastery of Santa María de Bellpuig de les Avellanes, from where it was taken at the time of the disentailment

The terrace and the passage of the wall

Yes, they are also available to the traveler. They are ideal spaces to unwind, relax, sunbathe, chat or improvise an aperitif and stroll by day or night, like an ancient guardian.

is there any greater pleasure than chatting on a terrace on a summer evening, or in front of the fireplace in winter? At Lo Palauet you will find both options.

The cellar and the courtyard

If you wish to organize a wine tasting or a dinner, we will be happy to do so. We can take advantage of the solid stone table that dominates this space.

You can also visit the courtyard under the wall, delimited by the thick stone walls of the building and the wall of Balaguer, a unique space, cool in summer, where concerts, parties and business meetings have been held.

So, is it true that Lo Palauet looks like a museum?

Nothing more and nothing less, in addition to constituting a whole catalog of decorative arts and an example of conservation, which, as is well known, is the essence of all culture and that which gives character and personality to buildings. Much attention to the chasuble of the sixteenth century, the tapestry of the dining room created from the painting La comilla de Goya, which was made by the Royal Tapestry Factory of Santa Barbara, the collection of trunks, the Murano mirror of the Romantic Hall and the many paintings that adorn the palace hotel

Ask for information about our rental spaces for events, celebrations or business meetings, we have a very emblematic location!

Lo Palauet de la Muralla

Carrer del Miracle, 7, Balaguer, Lleida, 25600, Spain